SomDorrie Poetry Blog
January 20 2019

Soldier Lady

A poem by SomDorrie

Her name is mystery, her eyes are dark.
her coat is long, her destiny unknown,
her sorrow runs deep, her fears hidden,
this girl is a hero, yet no one can tell.

Her arms are inviting, her lips are sealed,
her chest is warm, her legs are steady,
her journey long, her path not clear,
this girl is a woman, slowly finding herself.

Who knows her struggle, who can see her tears?
Who notices when her clouds turn a shade of gray?
Who picks up the pieces of the heart that forever breaks?
Who paves her way and clears the dirt?
No one can, no one sees her struggle.
This woman is strong, she can keep it all in.

Her name is joy, her lips are firm.
Her skirt is shorter, her eyes sjine bright.
Her sorrow is getting lost among memories she let go
This girl is a hero, I gotta hand it to her.

January 19 2019

Itch In My Sweater

A poem by SomDorrie

There's an itch in my sweater, dear granny
It's climbing up my arm, dear granny.
There is it moving up my back,
help me granny, it is spreading all over.

How can I help you, dear grandson,
when I have an itch up my own sweater, dear grandson.
There is is tickling my back,
making me jump up and down.

It must be those ants you're standing on, dear Peter.
Move over to my side, dear Judy,
This side keeps my sweater snug and comfy, I confess.
But first, jump around and get those ants off your sweaters.